In Zanjan

The novelty of delays and being stuck at airports definitely wore off.

Having checked in with Qatar airlines after a long and bothersome discussion about my differing names on my passport yesterday, we were informed that our flight to Doha would be delayed and therefore we would be unable to make the connexion to Teheran yet again.

So another night at the airport lounge waiting for our next connexion. 

At last and after 2 days of travelling we landed in Teheran 10.30 this morning and by 11 am I was in a car being driven to Zanjan. There was a table booked at a traditional Iranian restaurant where Farah, the project leader, her husband and family together with my cousin and one of the volunteers were waiting for me. I received an overwhelming welcome and a delicious meal (dizi). 

  We have since arrived in Farah’s house where my cousin and I will be spending the next 2 nights. It is not possible to refuse invitations in Iran and our idea of staying in a hotel was rejected immediately with no choice.

We have spent this evening discussing the projects. As well as continuing with everything else that she has been doing, Farah has started a new project with two groups of 10 women hoping they will be producing woven fabrics. 

We will be at the centre tomorrow and I hope to convey to you  some of Farah’s achievements through photographs. What she has done has been tireless,  selfless and a wonder. She started this project 18 years ago and amomgst her success stories are those who have left the project, earning a living and contributing to society. 


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